FSC Solar Panel

The Fenbank Science Center solar panel is a demonstration of an alternative energy source. Technically, the solar panel at FSC is a solar photovoltaic array made up of many solar photovoltaic cells (solar cells) that convert light from the sun into electricity.

In a solar photovoltaic system several solar cells make up a solar module and several modules make up a solar array. The FSC solar array is capable of producing 1.29 kW of direct current.

The Fernbank solar array

Weather plays a critical role in the amount of electricity that a solar array can produce. Sunny days produce significantly more electricity than cloudy/rainy days. The image below represents 11 days of data from the solar array. Compare the power output data to the weather data below it. Do you notice a trend?

For more information about the FSC solar panel and other alternative energy sources please click here (980 KB pdf).