Program Offerings 1st SEMESTER 2014-2015

Fernbank Science Center programs are designed to supplement and enrich the classroom curriculum of the DeKalb County School District. Choose from the links below to see programs offered this semester. Click on the program name to see the program description, the relevant standards, vocabulary, any special notes, textbook pages, and pre/post- activities. Each school has a single Fernbank representative, who is responsible for making an online programming request each semester for the entire school. Provide your representative your request for this semester’s programs. You are encouraged to use this form to give to your representative. If your school’s Fernbank representative completes the online request form, it will be processed according to a randomized scheduling order, created for all schools each first semester. (The same list will be applied in reverse order in second semester.) Once all these forms are processed, online request forms completed after the scheduling window will be processed in the order received. Your representative’s online form provides us a prioritized list of requests. Our goal is to give each elementary school two outreach programs per semester, each scheduled so as to allow all students at a grade level to be seen (this may take multiple visits for schools with more than 5 classes at a grade level). For middle and high schools the number of outreaches is a function of availability and the enrollment size of the school. Your representative indicates whether your principal has approved paying for bus transportation for programs taught away from your school, and if so, how many buses will be available. Single-visit programs (including Stone Mountain Park and the Planetarium) will be allocated based on availability and your school’s bus resources.
- Elementary 
- Middle 
- High
Fernbank Science Center, part of DeKalb County School District, provides these programs to the DCSD classes at no charge. However, any transportation costs for FSC programs away from your school (which were paid by the District until Fall 2012) now must be paid by individual schools. Therefore, the principal must verify that bus funding will be provided before the representative can request any program taught at Fernbank Science Center or by an FSC instructor at Stone Mountain Park.
Outreach Programs: Outreach programs are presented by a Fernbank Science Center instructor in your local school. The Fernbank instructor will be available to come to the school for the entire day (with a few exceptions, as noted). The classroom teacher should call or e-mail the Fernbank instructor to coordinate the schedule prior to the date for the program. Every effort will be made during the scheduling process to insure that every elementary school receives two outreach programs per semester.

Single Visit Programs: These programs are presented at Fernbank Science Center or another teaching site away from the local school. Any trip away from your building will require your school to cover the cost of transportation. Please confirm with your principal that he/she will commit transportation funding prior to requesting any of these programs. The classroom teacher is responsible for making arrangements for transportation and for leading the class to the correct location. Classes at “FSC” locations should report to the receptionist's desk at Fernbank Science Center, 156 Heaton Park Drive. 
Programs at Your School (Outreach; No Bus Needed)
Programs at Fernbank Science Center or Stone Mountain Park (Single-Visit)
(Principal Must Verify Bus Funding Prior to Your Representative’s Online Program Request)


The programs listed in this brochure are designed to supplement instruction you have planned for your classroom.  They should be included in your lesson plans. In preparation for your Fernbank program we suggest you do the following:

Selecting a Fernbank program:
1.  Review the sections of this listing (one under Outreach, the other under Single-Visit) that are appropriate for your grade level.  Choose programs that will support your classroom instruction.
2.  Read the Program Descriptions (see previous page).

Scheduling the program:
         1.  Your school has an appointed date for each semester when a representative will use an online form to schedule programs.  Determine who your school’s representative is and give this person a list of those programs you would like to schedule during the semester.  Only one online form submission should be sent from each school.
         2.  When your representative receives confirmation of scheduling, determine which of the programs you requested were actually scheduled.  Note the dates, starting times and lengths of the programs.
         3.  If you have scheduled a single visit program at a Fernbank facility, your school is responsible for obtaining a bus.  If you are coming to the planetarium, please remember that seating starts 15 minutes prior to the program starting time; thus, you will need to plan on arriving at Fernbank about 20 minutes prior to show time in order to check in and get your students off the bus and lined up in time.

Preparing for the program:
1.  Review the program description carefully.  Use the standards listed to complete your lesson plan for the day of the program.  Each program description includes standards for the program which are keyed to the CCGPS  and/or GA HS Graduation Test standards.
2.  On days prior to your Fernbank program include the pre-visit activities and a review of the vocabulary in your lessons.
3.  Note the location of the program in the description or in this brochure.  It is your responsibility to direct the bus driver to the proper location.
4.  If your school requires permission slips, make sure these have been properly submitted.  For puberty programs, make sure parents are aware of the scheduled class and you have followed prescribed procedures relating to their children’s attendance.
5.  Note the weather forecast.  If your program is outdoors (as shown in the NOTES column), remind students the day before to dress appropriately.
6.  If you have scheduled an outreach program, please call or e-mail Fernbank and communicate with the instructor at least a week prior to the program. The Fernbank instructor may have some special needs to coordinate with you.

On the day of the program:
1.  Arrive on time for single visit programs.  Remember, for the planetarium, this means arriving 20 minutes prior to the program start time.
2.  At the main Center building, check in with the receptionist.  You should have received a confirmation letter.  Please give this to the receptionist.  Know how many students (and adults) you have in your group.
3.  For all programs, whether single visit or outreach, stay with your class.  You, not the Fernbank instructor, are responsible for your students.

After the program:
1.  Include the follow-up activities in your lesson plans.
2.  Complete the follow-up activities.  Review the vocabulary and concepts that were included in the program.
3.  We may give or send you a form to evaluate the program.  We appreciate your taking time to do this.