SEMAA Training

The SEMAA training videos are intended to assist new SEMAA teachers in preparation for class. They may also be useful for experienced SEMAA teachers searching for clarification of the curriculum. Please use these as much as you need to create a positive learning experience.

Currently, we have completed training videos for the 6th grade curriculum. We hope to provide training videos for each grade level in the future. Each video is designed to clearly explain how to use the materials provided along with some additional ideas on how to expand upon the content provided.  Please utilize these in initial training and in clarifying any misunderstandings that the curriculum creates. 

6th Grade Curriculum Training Videos

Introduction Video

Week Activity 1 Activtiy 2 Activity 3
One Lunar Distance Lunar Diamter EIN-O's Box INstructions
Two Lunar Gravity Lunar Rover  
Three Lunar Locations Lunar Resources  
Four Lunar Regolith Lava Flow  
Five Fuel Cell Car Electrolysis of Water Solar Powered Astronaut
Six Lunar Mining Earth Impact Craters  
Seven Field Trip to Moon DVD Building a Lunar Base