Family Café

The Family Café is an interactive forum that provides educational and parenting information to adult caregivers and any other supportive, adult role models while their NASA SEMAA student is in class. The Family Café also puts these adults in touch with various local resources and programs that are available for the student. Typically, the Family Café meets for four 3-hour sessions during the SEMAA academic term for a total of 12 hours of participation. Each 3-hour session features mostly hands-on learning activities, lively group discussions, and dynamic guest speakers. A trained Family Café Coordinator plans and facilities each session.

In addition to the Saturday Model, our Family Café is partnered with the DeKalb County Schools Parent Centers. Dekalb County School System has established nine Parent Resource Centers throughout the county. The centers are designed to empower parents to assist their children in maximizing their full potential. Each center is managed by two facilitators. Two of the centers have full-time interpreters. The target area of resources is instruction with additional focus on economics, health, and cultural awareness. There are computers available for parents to use while at the centers, as well as a wealth of other resources, and a lending library giving parents the opportunity to take resources home on loan. Parents benefit from workshops covering a spectrum of topics from test prep information for their children to finances for themselves. Resources are developed with input from all disciplines within the DeKalb County School System and with the support of the community. The centers are established as resource for all DeKalb School System parents regardless of where they reside in the county.


"We believe that children, parents/families, and teachers are partners in the educational process, and must be respected and appreciated for their individual needs and roles."


  • Provide parents/families with strategies, materials and resources to support their children's educational needs.
  • Include parents/families as a partner with NASA and the NASA SEMAA Sites in the planning, design and implementation of the NASA SEMAA Program.
  • Gain feedback in developing programs that most effectively support their Children's education.


  • Provides parents/families with strategies to motivate and mentor their children.
  • Empowers parents/families to assert their role as a partner in the day-to-day education of their children.
  • Introduces parents/families to NASA resources and technology that are available to support their children's education and career choices.
  • Connects parents/family members with other local resources and programs that are available for their children.

For more information about DeKalb County Parent Centers go to DeKalb County Schools Office of School Improvement