Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting. Weather data from Fernbank is measured at two locations; the roof of Fernbank Science Center and the tower in Fernbank forest. The roof instruments measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall and pressure.

Please see below for real time data from the roof equipment.






The forest tower has weather sensors at several levels above the ground and a soil thermometer 2 inches below the ground. The data is displayed in real-time and average values for each hour are logged. The weather elements measured are wind speed (mph), wind direction (deg), temperature (Fahrenheit), relative humidity (%), solar radiation (watts/m2), precipitation (inches), pressure (millibars) and soil temperature (Fahrenheit). The levels are 42, 21, 10, 2 and 1 meter(s) above the ground. The forest canopy is near the 21 m height.

The weather sensors at each level are as follows:

  • 42 m (138 ft): speed, direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and precipitation.
  • 21 m (69 ft): speed, direction, temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation.
  • 10 m (33 ft): speed and direction.
  • 2 m (6 ft): temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation.
  • 1 m (3 ft): precipitation and pressure (the rain guage is 3 m away from tower base).
  • 0.05 m (2 in): soil temperature

Forest Tower - Click here for more pictures

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