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References by Volcano

Arenal (location 10.46N, 84.703W)
Etna (location 37.7N, 15.0E )
Fogo (location 14.95 N, 24.35 W)
Guagua Pinchincha (location 0.17 S, 78.60 W ) Heimaey (location 63.4N, 20.3W )
Kilauea (location 19.452 N, 155.292 W )
Mayon (location 13.3N, 123.7E )
Merapi (location 7.54 S, 110.44 E )
Pacaya (location 14.4N, 90.6W )
Popocatepetl (location 19.0N, 98.6W ) Rabaul (location 4.27 S, 152.20 E )
Soufriere Hills, Montserrat (location 16.7N, 62.2W )
Stromboli (location 38.8 N, 15.2 E )
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